what do you guys polish on your crf's?

what do you guys polish on your crf's? i have started my bike, hit the p[ipe endcap, clutch cover, frame, and kickstarter. looks pretty nice ill post some pics.

heres a pic


sand the boddom part of the fram and polish that too

heres a pic


Where did you get those graphics? I want some.

I hate it when my Aluminum Frame starts to look like chrome on my 07. My father owns a construction company so I use wheel acid on my frame. It takes a microscopic coating off the aluminum and gets rid of 95% of the scratches. It makes it look exactly the same as show room new.

what can i use to sand my frame besides sand paper, are there any drill attachments to make it a little bit quicker to do?

o, and the graphics my buddy bought before i bought the bike from him, ill ask him where he got them.



I used sandpaper (from 400-1500 grit, progressively) and Mothers Alum Polish. Also used Alum Brightener to clean and deoxidize surface.

Now thats shinny!!:applause:

You can also do your rear break lever. But it fades really fast like the clutch cover. You can also (which i saw and looked pretty fricken trick) polish the valve cover.

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