37mm FCR for Mod 400ex

Where should I start with jetting a 37mm FCR for my 2004 TRX 400ex? People tell me that I should go with a 39mm but I don't need all the top end. I just want good throttle respones and mid range power for harescambles.

I have the stock carb on it right now with a 185 main, 42 pilot, 4th groove on the needle and 2 turns out on the mixture screw. The bike runs great but I want better throttle response.

The bike has:

Ported Head

White Brothers Race Cam

Full Yoshi Exhaust

K&N Filter No Airbox Lid

12:1 Wiseco Piston

93 Octane Fuel

All I need is a good starting point on the jets and needle. I can take it from there

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