Goast rider- holy poo this guy has balls

ok so this isn't dirt bikes but i thought you guys would appreciate this guys skill and balls

heres a vidio 1 of the many vidios found on u tube about GR

half of you probly alredy know who gostrider is but for those of you that dont take a look




That guy is nut and a F**King idiot, those are the guys that make us pay big bucks on insurance, kill inocent people and get politicians to try and ban bikes. When i was 18yrs old i used to look up to strokes like that, now im 41 and have to say what the F**K!

regardless of how much of an idiot he may be, you have got to respect somone with the balls and talent to ride like that.

for your security, he's in sweeden not the U.S so you don't have to worry about him killing you..

The guy with the camera on his bike was hitting almost 300kph, which is ~186mph..... On crowded streets with a bunch of cars..... And that guy still flew past him like nothing.... What retards.

That windblast must be ungodly... I don't even really understand how he hangs on, let lone sticks that thing up on one wheel. :applause:

He is crazy, and i dont think what he does is clever, but i still watch it and konw quite abit about the guy.

He is the most wanted rider in sweden and even though the police know who he is, they cannot convict him due to a lack of evidence!

He Holds the world record for the fastest wheelie. (207 MPH)

He's a damn good rider thats for sure. I also got the see one of his turbo busa's up close, man that thing was crazy!

I should also point out ,he is not a punk kid but a middle age white collar desk job type in his everyday life. I forget his real name but yes he is well known in sweden.

Until they catch him and take off his helmet they cannot prove it's him.

Sure it is dangerious and stupid but I cant say I didnt do things simular to that when I was 15-well till my first kid was born. I still wanna go fast but 100 is pretty dang fast at my age and status.

He is a legend in europe, but the last 2 year's we don't hear nothing from him, so.......

He may be a legend to some. If he slows down a little he will be known as an organ donor to many. Public hiways are no place for stupidity like this.

I think it's pretty awesome, i've watched most of his vids.

He's badass. lol

Nuts for sure, but stupid in the same respect.

It was rumored that he died a couple years ago and others have said it was a group of stunt riders on the same bikes in the same gear

The guy is an idiot for sure. that riding should be reserved for tracks for everyone's safety. On the other hand that 500hp busa is a nasty machine. I have never seen a bike lift the front tire as effortlessly as that thing. It looks like if your hand is on the throttle the front tire is off the ground.

As stupid as that guy, it's pretty freaking entertaining to watch his videos. That bike is a beast!

I admire the guy. I've watched most of his videos and clips and it's amazing. I hope he keeps making the vids and never gets caught.


Yeah I thought it was pretty cool until he took it to the streets. Good way to guarantee getting yourself killed, he is risking other peoples lives for ones selfish actions. Flat out stupid and If I see another video titled ghostrider I'm passing it up. Watching these morons only supports their actions.

never heard of gost or goast rider but ya ghostrider is crazy

I got interested in street bikes only after seeing gr in "the final ride". What he does is bananas and I know it isn't in the cards for me.

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