2007 Rmz450

Thinkin bout sendin my suspension out to get revalved for my weight... Im 170 with out gear and 250 B rider. would I have to get new springs? and whats your best recomendation for the rmz? RG3, FC, PC?

just gettin some info before I spend 1k in the bike


Call around, talk to those companies. Don't forget to call John at MX-Tech in PA! List your complaints with the stock suspension and ask what they would do to address those concerns and decide for yourself who you think will do the better job.

Im gonna go with RG3. My concern is that I was injured with a torn acl and my weight dropped from 180 to 160 ( from not doing everything i normaly do everyday). Im telling RG3 Im 170 W/OG and 450B because thats what im at now but Im hurt again with a broken tib, did that 2 weeks ago. thats why Im sending it out on my down time. so my question is if i get it revalved for my 170 and I went back to 180 would it need another revalve? or If I lost and went back to 160 and stayed? is revalving for weight that percise?

If your normally 180 i think i would have it valved for 180. Your 18 ? You still have room to grow. If it is to stiff trun your clicker (compression) out 1 or 2 truns till your back up to your normal weight.

yea but i was a little fat compaired to what i am now lol. much leaner now and healther....

so send it out or not???

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