Web Cams Inc. #293 Grind

Has anyone used this grind on a KLX300? ...or a big bore 331 (83mm piston)?

If so, this cam has a high lift 0.360" compared to stock 0.325", are there any valve to piston clearance issues?


I've installed successfully a mild grind WebCam in a KLF300 (ATV). In my experience, WebCam folks were most helpful with information and advice. My suggestion: Contact WebCam directly with your questions and concerns.

I have spoke to them and I agree they are helpful. Even this cam is described as a bolt in replacement. They still recommended that the piston to valve clearance be checked.

I trying to find someone who installed this particular grind on a 331cc engine with the JE 83mm piston.

They said that they have sold the grind before but didn't know if anyone ever installed it on an engine with this piston.

I can't answer your question, but I would contact Jerry at Four Stroke Works. He is hard to get a hold of sometimes but I think he would have an answer for you. He did the install of my 331 with Web Cams 101 grind. I got the impression he does business with Web Cams quite often. He was also a mechanic for Larry Roesler and knows the KLX engine very well.

Yep, all ready sent Jerry an email last week -- haven't heard from him yet.

I corresponded with a fellow from LA Sleeve -- they originally ordered the piston from JE. He told me that the piston was specified by Larry Roesler's team and I should try to contact either him or his mechanic as they specified the piston.

I presume that Jerry was that mechanic.

I have sent Jerry a few emails over the years and he doesn't respond back to often. Your best bet is to be persistent with the telephone. Just for info, Jerry is not using the sleeved kits anymore. He is using Nikasil plated cylinders.

Yeah, that's what I've noticed with the independent mechanics, they're not too much into email.

I have a 331 big bore from Kustom Kraft and it's a Nikasil plated cylinder. It came with the JE piston. The spec sheet that was included with the piston showed that it was ordered by LA Sleeve.

You may have jogged my memory a little. I think Jerry has mentioned he orders parts such as pistons etc. from LA Sleeve. Jerry is semi retired, running his shop/business at his home and really likes to go riding.

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