CRF150 will not run - help please

My sons crf150 has run great and starts first kick every time. The bike is only a couple of months old. Yesterday it started first kick and then stalled after a couple of seconds, now it will hardly start and when it does it runs like crap and then stalls again. It will only run with part throttle open and if you try to rev it it dies or close the throttle it dies. It seems like it is running with the choke out, tried changing plug but still the same. Blown idle and main jets out as well - Any ideas ??? what could be the problem. Thanks Guys.

check ur valves

Thanks - got it sorted, found small piece of paper shop towel in air box. Must have broken off when cleaning air box out after washing. Simple fix but took half a day to find it !!!!

did you keep gas in the carb? if you did drain the carb and clean it.

nice one lol at least it wasnt serious

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