How Hot??

I just installed the DRD complete titanium/carbonfiber exhaust with the lowered radiators. I was wondering I noticed hot much hotter it seemed coming out at the head as it makes the bend you know. Does anyone know if this will make much of a difference since my waterpump and hoses are right there? I have a 07 YZ450F by the way. Also do you think it would help to either put the boyesen waterpump cover and shaft on or put the CV4 rdiator hoses on? If need be I will just get both.

As long as the pipe is not touching anything you are fine. CV4 hoses will do nothing but look good. If you are overheating and boiling water out of your overflow then you can try engine ice or an aftermarket waterpump. If you are not boiling the water out then you are not running too hot.

Thabks KJ, I haven't had a chance to ride it yet so we'll see.

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