Best Deal 450R '08 for S. Orgegon or out of State


I did order a CRF450R '08, long ago sort of first in line, but my local honda Dealer in XXXX south Oregon, gave me a price $6950.- OTD that sucked, so I took my deposit back.

I haev been looking at ordering a Bike Out of state from bartesville $6299.- or Souther Hhnda $ 6388.-, I think that Baretesville only adds $12.- to their OTD price.

BUT i have have hassitated due to the hassle of using an external trucking company tha tis probably +$250.- , NO Honda Dealer can sell them still in crate.

I had no hurry with the buy as it is anyways winter time.

does anyone have any better Honda dealer in pretty close to Medford, Oregon, a few hours driving is OK.

I would normally support my local dealer, if they helped and supported me, but in this case, they do not.

Any suggestion appreciated

I thought that Oregon had the better deals on new ones. also has a dealership. Check them out.

Call Harry over at the OEM TT Store. You can get a crated bike = no stupid dealer set up fees. Even with shipping he is usually cheaper than most dealers. Doesn't hurt to check it out.

Thank you guys,

have kept an eye on TT OEM sales, but they only show 07' bikes, so I thought they did not have any, I will definitely give Harry a call, and in a crate that would be fantastic no bogus bik setup that you anyway have to tear down and re-grease.

thanks for the Motosport dealership, did not know they had that we have the similar Motorcycle Superstore in Medford, but they are assys only.

finally I can order my new ride W/O feeling ripped-off

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