Axle Block Slider Removal

Axle Block Slider Removal

I just purchased rear axle block sliders from Supermoto Engineering for my 690sm .

I thought they were better than the sliders that go through the axle with a connecting rod. You dont have to remove the sliders when removing the rear wheel or adjusting the chain.

So here is my problem. The OEM block slider on the sprocket side if the axle is threaded and sealed with red loctite. As expected with red loctite, its stuck on there well. I have heated the block plate and axle up with a torch but still can get it to break free. I cant get block and axle to break free by hand. Im sure a pipe wrench would work but it will Definitely scratch or damage the axle.

My last few bikes had tapered axle flanges and slip off blocks. So this is new to me.

Any thoughts or do I have to buy a new axle in order to use these sliders?

if u have to use a pipe wrench, just take a rag and wrap it around the axle and then u can use the pipe wrench on it w/o damaging it

I got it. I used a strap wrench to prevent damaging the axle and lots of heat

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