Odd cold starting, any ideas?

Ok I have a 2004 RM250, runs perfectly but since taking apart my carb for a cleaning and installing an FMF fatty pipe I have an odd starting issue. its been about 30-45 degrees out. I pull out choke, bike starts in one or two kicks, runs high idle then settles down normally. after a couple minutes, I take off choke and begin to give some throttle. The bike revs up a bit then bogs down and shuts off. After that it takes about 5-10 minutes of kicking to get going again, it will finally fire up (only without choke) and then runs perfect for the rest of the day. Even after sitting in the cold for over an hour, she will start one kick and run fine. Runs clean, no visible exhaust after warming up, runs like a champ in any throttle range.

My main jet is a 172

Pilot = 50

Air screw = 1 1/2 out

jet needle = nedh 4th position

Should I just try starting it from the getgo with no choke at all? Am I causing an oily plug or something while choked? Any ideas? Seems to be something very simple I just never ran into this before.

you are leaving the choke on way to long.its loading up the motor with fuel.

I was hoping it was something that simple. Im used to the 4 strokes that needed the choke on for awhile. Thanks for the quick reply, ill knock the choke off as soon as i get her going next time. Hopefully that will do it. Thx again.

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