Ignition Box Information/question

Just an interesting tidbit for those who have messed with the ignition boxes.

I parted out an E model last summer. In doing so certain (okay lots of) choice parts found their way onto my S. :applause:

I installed the E ignition box and never thought much about it. Now bear in mind it "should" have a rev limit of 10,500 rpm now. I am aware there are no other differences, and yes it is an E box.

Flash forward I installed a vapor last month and recently had the oportunity to go mess about. I have noticed after tagging the rev limiter hard (as usual) the Vapor shows a max rpm of 9910. This is with the pickup at the coil as opposed to using induction, which really shouldn't matter.

Question is anyone either checked the E boxes or the Vapor against a calibrated source? It is outside the variance trailtech quotes so I assume it is the box. Bear in mind I really don't care about the difference, the E box was not anticipated to make any "real" difference anyway. At least I now know I AM getting 10K rpm.

Ositech, Bronco, Eddie, I know you guys have played with some aftermarket boxes. Any info on this? (variance or whatever)

Just a FYI. In my SM, the max rpm as recored in my data logger was 9975. On my Vapor, it shows the same as a max.

I have the RPM for the data logger coming directly from the pulser in the stator, the Vapor get its' signal from the coil white wire.

i have found a slight variance in oem boxes.

you will also find they way the rev limiter comes in is different.

the S/SM box seems to start cutting spark more gradually than the E boxes.

very few DRZ's out there can actually use any extra rpm over 10,000 rpm any way.

I've got HC stage 2 FCR and Muzzy so it breathes as well as it can short of turning it over to you Eddie.

I was just curious if anyone else had measured them somewhat accurately. I messed so much with mine over 6 months I couldn't tell the difference. I thought it gained but with something like the vapor no real way to tell. I assume it is better (more rpm) than the S box.

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