1997 400 exc help/advice

first off thanks ahead of time, going to look at a 97 400 exc for my son anything i should know..is this a good bike ? thanks again tt rules..........

I don't think they made the exc back then. At least not in a 4 stroke. They made a heaver 4-stroke though. I'd probably get something newer unless your paying $1,000 or less.

well we bought it,,, appears to be a lc4??? not a exc, sorry just learning about ktm i have a 2002 520 exc and love it ....the 400 we bought is a cool bike geared tall other than that nice,,where can we gather more info on the 1997 ktm 400 other than buying the book?????????????? iv searched but cant find anything thanks for any input,,,,

Go over to KTM talk. You'll find the most info over there, especially for the older bikes

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