OT - What are requirements to become a moderator?

I was just wondering how you became a moderator? Were you hand picked ?


Its tough dude... real tough...

First, we have to run 5 miles in less than 30 minutes, then we have to swim 10 miles in less than an 2 hours, then we have to be able to wheelstand for 2 miles, around corners and up hills... after that, we have to strip down and reassemble a WR250 motor, without the aid of a torque wrench, blindfolded, in less than 45 minutes - then, we have to be able to go to each of three local dealers and get the jets we want and bring them back and fit them, once again blindfolded, within 2 hours...

Once the physical is over, we need to prove ourselves in other ways... First, you have to get a 95% pass in a 1000 word spelling list, then you need to be able to recite part numbers from selected pages of the CRF450 workshop manual. Thirdly, you have to write a 10,000 word closed-book essay with thew question "compare and contrast the benefits of fully synthetic oil over mineral oil in low mileage off road motorcycles" complete with references and footnotes.

Once you have passed the knowledge test, then you have to pass the other tests... Setup a copy of Windows 2000 and IIS web server software in less than 2 hours, fully configured, and mirrored, complete with backup routines and name servers and routers.

Once you are accepted to the shortlist, then depending on which forum you are chosen for, you may have to pass brand specific tests... For instance, the CRF forum requires piston and valve replacement skills par excellence... The Cannondale Forums require you have a thicker skin to withstand the ribbing you may get from those who just don't understand...

Finally, when you have spent at least 6 months in an overseas aid agency spreading the word of motocross or enduro (your only elective subjects) to third-world populations, you may be ready to apply... after you drink 12 full-strength beers and walk a straight line for 200 yards... balancing a tennis ball on your head... at night... in force 7 gales... humming the tune from "married with children"... in MX boots...

If you are still keen, the best way is to ask Bryan and Steve... they can start you on the evaluation program...

Good luck, only the strong will make it through...


I gave up in the first few words, sounds like it could cut into my riding time, :)

Is that ten mile swim Upstream or Downstream? :D With or without crocodiles? :)

Upstream. in the spawning season, in icy cold waters, avoiding the brown bears trying to get you to be their lunch...

Any other questions...? LOL

The Navy SEALS respect us...

Remember to walk away from bar fights with a TT moderator...


if your head is so far up your butt, you have to pull down your zipper to brush your teeth.you are qualified to be a Thumpertalk moderator.

If the entry requirements are too tough for you, then just go back to whatever it is you do normally and be thankful you never had to prove yourself... LOL

We don't brush our own teeth... like Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America", we have girls to take care of all washing and cleaning jobs... including our teeth... Moderators have groupies too you know... LOL


Maybe it is worth it then. :)

Where do you guys think the PR girls for Fox, Sinisalo, Thor, Yamaha etc all go once the racing is over? They drive the moderator's bike-haulers, wash moderator's bikes and riding gear, grease our linkages and headstems, massage the moderator's tired shoulders and feet, make us moderators cold drinks and hearty meals, and keep us warm at night...

Being a moderator is not a bad life at all... LOL


I'm in, what do i gotta do to cheat my way in?? :)

You know the bikini model chick (Bambi) in the "If she washes your bike...Marry Her (MS?) T-shirt?

Well, she just finished cleaning my WR420, Eric Gorr Big Bore Special, with Q-Tips!! She had to get into those VERY HARD TO REACH spots. The q-tip is nice and soft and leaves the finish VERY SPIFFY. I DO NOT believe in power washing my bike.

Right now, I am sipping a Corona, watching the Las Vegas Open, eating Nacho Chips w/ habenaro salsa, and watching "Bambi" suck on my big toe (very sensual!!) while giving me a foot massage.

Yeah...the life of the TT Moderator.

Tomorrrow, I am flying off to Japan (VERY PRIVATE 727, complete w/ all those T-Shirt Model Bimbo's) for a test ride of the 2004 prototype YZF450, 250 & 125.

The perks to this job...AIN'T ENOUGH! :)

Moderators, your beatings will continue until your morale improves! :)

Thanks for all your help guys! We couldn't do it without you. Time and time again, when talking with people about TT, they rave about the tact of our moderators and the lack of heavy-handedness. Of course, our members are a cut above too, so the combination is pretty awesome.



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