2 pics in snow with a wrong bike.....

finally it snows in my place in greece!the last time i saw snow it was 2003!but my thumper dont start no way!i think i foul my plug because it backfires:cry:


.so i ride my kawasaki max 100 and take a ride in snow:excuseme: hope it snow again and get a new plug:)



Haha, very nice.

ya thats deffinatly the wrong bike to ride in snow lmfao

So Yamaha still makes their 426 in Greece then? That bike looks brand spankin' new! :applause:

This Dude pretty much found this bike awhile back. I remember the pics he was showing and asking about it.

I dont think you fouled a plug dude I think you may be able to get it started if you close the airscrew a little. I have found it next to impossible to foul a 4t plug. Your bike just doesntlike the cold if it has been set up to run in your warmer usual climate.

well cypress i will see whats the problem when i take off my plug and take a look.thanks for your opinion!

dude how does that bike look so new.. ***?

hahaha nice hayabusa

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