Any draw backs to "uncorking"?

07 650L, approximately 500 miles. Have heard lots of info on the "uncorking" process such as carb mods, airbox mods and exhaust mods.

Are there any drawbacks to performing these modifications?

Also, is it necessary to do all the mods at the same time? I feel pretty confident in doing the mods myself with the exception of the carb modifications. Anyone know of a source to have it done for you?

Thanks in advance!:applause:

The only drawback that I know of is that you can't keep your hand off the throttle and the front tire on the ground! My 650L had 461 miles on it when I bought it last April. I did all of the "uncorking" and added a T-4 exhaust. It now has over 7,000 miles and runs as good as it did when I first did the work. All of the work was also much easier than I expected, including the DynoJet kit.:applause:

No drawbacks IMO. The only thing is the exhaust will be louder. I recomend doing all at once. That way you dont have to rejet over each individual mod.

The addiction of more power. I uncorked my XRR and now I want more.

"Drawbacks"??? HaHaHa!! :applause::) Let me think for a sec here:thinking: ..... NO!!:cry:

The addiction of more power. I uncorked my XRR and now I want more.

Yep, and the stage one Hotcam is a nice touch.

Some gas mileage. A bit overhyped imo, now the R that's another story.:applause:

went there sunday it was some really good riding and more people than i thought would ever be there

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