Newbie 2003 yz 450f question?


I've been all over the forum looking at threads concerning oil and the yz 450f.

I just purchased a 2003 yz 450f and was wondering what oil I should use for the oil changes. I purchased it from a dealer and they have no idea what was run before. I've put about 5 hours on their fresh oil change and I think it is due.

I've riding about a year and was using Yamalube 10w-40 in the TTR I had and it seemed to work fine. I ride in Colorado so it is cool in the winter and can get pretty warm at the track in the summer.

Thanks for the help.


Welcome to TT

Without starting another oil thread......use what you have mentioned or Yamalube 4R. Other oils can be used but please do a search on this. Many of us also use Amsoil 4stroke motocycle oils. There is more info than anyone wants on this subject. Also there is much info on 2003 YZF450 - do a search on this for everything you ever wanted to know about the 2003 Beast....have fun :applause:

I use Torco but I have also used Maxima - they are expensive especially for how much we actually ride. I have not tried it yet but there are some threads on TT that suggest Walmart brand deisel oil. Check that out.


i use belray thumper in my o3 since it was new no problems.

Your manual covers the temperature versus viscosity question.

Pay attention to the viscosity recommendations.

For my 426 at the temps I'm currently riding in, I'm supposed to use 10w-40. I recently posted about how notchy and noisy my shifting became after a recent oil change. I used 15w-50, which I realized is too thick for cold weather, and I'm speculating that's why my shifting turned to crap.

There's a lot of info about oil here on Thumpertalk, and being new to a 4 stroke MX bike myself I've spent the past week reading through everything. It seems that most importantly you should follow Yamaha's recommendations for viscocity and API service rating. As for what brand you should use or whether or not you should use a motorcycle specific oil, that will depend on who you're talking to. Everyone has a different opinion and a different experience.

Thanks for all the info.


i use spectro golden-4 synthetic in my 04, works really well as far as i can tell.

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