Race Gas in the X

Lately I have been reading about the advantages race gas is over pump gas. Not oxgenated, burn cooler, better throttle response, etc. So I am curious what you all thought? Or if any of you use it and what kind.

I use 110....the purple stuff.

Everything I have read, if you have a stock motor, you are wasting money.

Now if you start messing with Duration and/or higher compression now you may have some benefits.

I also feel it's not necessary on a stock bike. And think of your buddies... ever ride behind a bike running race fuel?

I love the smell of race gas and I also love the smell of 2-stroke exhaust but I'm insane. I like leaded race gas because valves last longer and it burns crisper and cleaner. Probably not necessary with stock compression performance wise though.

Don't you need to have high compression pistons etc. to run race fuel?

i ran half and half race gas 91 in my bike for a while. I didnt notice anything too great while running it. Besides the smell of course. But unless you have an aftermarket piston kit with high compression then you cant run full race gas. It is expensive.

stick to the highest pump gas 93,91,95 if you can find it.

If you can afford it I would run it. By raising the octane level in your fuel, you lower the running temp of your motor. You won't gain any horsepower overall to speak of but you will notice a difference. My brother ran short on fuel over Thanksgiving and used my 100 Octane pump gas and noticed better throttle response and better mileage also. Maybe he's not having to strain the motor as much I don't know, but he hasn't made a trip since without the 100 octane.

I also feel it's not necessary on a stock bike. And think of your buddies... ever ride behind a bike running race fuel?

Blenzall, race gas, and apple pie. How could you not love the smell?

Waste of money, even on a mildly modded bike (pipe, air box, cam, big bore kit). Only time I ever used race gas was in in my land speed bike (built for unadulterated insane HP). It was built to take advantage of it. Didn't even use it when I raced in CCS/CMRA road racing. Race gas itself doesn't store more potential energy. You need the mods.

... there are lots of fact, and lots of fiction... mixed in with personal ideas of what should be blended and not.

Do a search... there's been so much discussed on this, it'll turn you blue. In fact, I posted a bunch of "fact" on this a while back... and some arguements insued.

The moral of the story;

When I run my bike hard (racing, dunes...etc) I run it 50/50.

More or less peace of mind, but coming from a 2stroke world of thinking.

You need to understand it changes the bike. Mainly the jetting. And yes, it helps the bike run a bit cooler and less chance of detonation. But it does nearly nothing for performance enhancement. If you want that... try Bob's remedy; Enzyte. :cry: (speaking for stock compression)

If you want it to smell good... use alcohol additives like "fuel-fragrance"... it's hilarious when a bike rolls by smelling like pina colada. :)


Bikes that are excessively lean seem to benifit from race gas, for obvious reasons: they now can operate at a lower tempeture, so you experience less power loss. I think that's why you hear so many 'my bike is faster on race gas' when it's probably just stock, and not properly tuned. I do notice a bit of throttle reponse improvement on my R and X, but it doesn't go any faster. You are not 'gaining' power. It's like liquid jetting. Did I just say that? Gnarly.

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