rear fender

will a 05 rear fender mount up to my 08, freind said it would mount up but dealer says diff. part number. i have a freinds bike out in my shed thats why i wanna use that one, cuzz going riding wensday and not enough time to order new one, thanx

you might be able to "make it fit" but the subframe is different, and the mt. holes will be different, it will not fit right, but doesn't mean you can't make it work!

well dont wanna scew buddies part up, was just hoping i could use it til mine comes in from order, thanx though

Nope wont fit at all, the 2004-2005 fenders are different from the 2006-2008's. There is also no possible way to "make it fit", I would know I tried =P

Never say there's no possible way!! There's always a way.. sometimes it's just not pretty. I seem to remember trying and my seat wouldn't fit in back. I wouldnt plan on it if you're trying to save your buddies part.

yeah it does, theres a guy in the "Show me your Kawasaki" thread that did it. ill put up a link in a sec.

Well i've just bought a 2005 and a 2006, they seem to has the same fixation points.I'll try it this wek end

I tried it on my 07 with a spare I had for my old 05. They do not line up, might have to do some major re-shaping of the fender to make it work.

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