Crap! had to buy another front brake rotor

1st one (OEM) was bent last March with a log impact, replaced it with a EBC, complete pile of junk!!! it has not even been a year and it is cracked:eek: It had been howling for about the last two months, I ddin't think much about it, figured it was just dirty. I was wiping it down with brake cleaner saturday, thought I saw a line across the rotor, looked closer with my glasses off, friggin crack!! This could have been bad for me if it had broken clean through while going down some of our long steep downhills where you have to have a good front brake. It is a stress crack nothing more nothing less. Just poor heat treating on EBC's part. I emailed EBC to voice my opinion on their product. I don't expect anything but I did tell them I would be replacing it with a OEM rotor. I just ordered one from my dealer this morning, $88 bucks OTD.:applause:

Live and learn or learn to live:bonk:

i'm using an oversize by Braking (Italian) 270mm and it is new as first day.

now it has 2 years

Bad luck mate. You should tell EBC you will be telling all your friends/contacts to avoid EBC as well.

We dont need that sort of crap product esp. on a safety item.

WOW! got a reply email today from EBC. They offered to send me a new rotor and new pads at No Charge. I accepted their offer.

Didn't expect this at all as I had already went ahead and ordered a OEM rotor on monday. Oh well I will have two new rotors and new pads. All I have to do is send them back the defective rotor and brake pads off the bike.


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