KLX 110 Suspension questions

I just got a stock klx 110 and put a stock kx 60 front end on it. And right now with the 20weight fluid its working awesome stock. If i put a stiff rear spring will it work very well or should i just save for a new shock?:applause:

Save for a new shock and swingarm

I agree.

Thanks! Ya i dont have the money right now but i think thats what il do! It would just be better in the long run i ges!?

are you running just the 20 wt oil without stiffer springs? how does it ride? i read somewhere that if you put it thicker oil without stiffer springs it will make the rebound and compression really slow. does it feel like this?

also how much do you weigh? im trying to figure out which wt oil to put in my brothers kx60 forks.

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