Fork Spring & Re-Valve Question

I have a 07 DRZ400s and weigh 230lbs. Looking to re-spring the front forks with racetech springs. According to their website using the calc, I should get a .50kg spring.

The bike has 200mi, would it be necesary to re-valve the forks?

Also, going to re-spring the rear. The recommended 5.86kg. Should I choose the 5.7 or 6.0? Thanks for the help.:applause:

The .50 springs sound right for your weight. I am not as heavy as you at 185 and I ride a lot of rocks, so I went with .46 springs. I found using Maxima 125/150 fork oil with the springs worked really well. Plush in the rocks, stout enough in the whoops.

I would get the 6.0 spring out back for your weight. Consider the Race Tech kit for your shock, with Eddie installing it if you ride rough trails. Eddie did his custom shim stack job with the Race Tech kit on my shock and it kicks butt!

Thanks for the reply....

Would you do a re-valve on the forks?

The forks were really good with the new oil and springs. I just had Eddie re-valve them as well, but a ride report will have to wait awhile until the season begins again. I am sure I will love them. :applause:

the revalve is the best option if cost is no object, but if you are just playing, I found a big difference with just the springs and fluid change .48 front and 5.7 rear, 220lbs rider weight au naturel. It's far better than stock, but likely not nearly as good as the full job-never had the chance to try one done up.

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