Lubing suspension- 03 CRF450R

Hello all,

I am going to tear down my bike this week and lube all the linkage, bearings, axles, etc. I wanted to get opinions off the list as to what is the best to use. I am going to check swing arm bearings, shock linkage, axles, etc. The list is too informed not to ask.



With regard to the won't need a lot of grease on them, since the bearings handle all the rotation of the wheels. Just clean the axles and apply a light film of the grease to them.

And don't forget the steering head bearings.

Ditto the BelRay.

Maxima makes a great Waterproof Grease. It's blue colored, easier to see whats coated and whats not.

Silkolene grease is good also.

just greased my bike w/ the bel-ray waterproof grease and all i can say is its super sticky, should stay put for a long time:thumbsup:

I've used the Bel-Ray on bikes in the past but stopped when my suspension guy recommended against it. Said it was too sticky and caused drag. He could tell I was using it by just pushing on the seat. I've been just using regular wheel bearing grease the past 4 years with no problems. Just did mine a few days ago and everything looked good. If you do it at least once a year, you'll be fine.

been using the belray grease since the 70's, in fact i think i still have an original tub.

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