Helmet fitting problems (big head)

ive been shopping around the local shops trying to find a helmet that will fit and I haven't been having much luck. My hat size is 7 3/4 and I have always worn an xl size helmet. (yes my head is quite large) However I have been having trouble getting my head past the base of the shell, or through the opening. No fox's will fit even 2xls, and none of the higher end helmets will fit. I think it is because my head is wide at the temples. I fit comfortably in an XL HJC Phaze? a $100 helmet and a thor quadrant xl.

My question is does anybody have any experience with higher end helmets that have a shape, like these that I might be able to fit into comfortably because I am worried about putting my head into a $100 helmet.

Arai fits slightly wider at the temples as does the Vemar VRX5. Vemar is available at www.motonation.com

i have a big a$$ head, i wear a one industries trooper helmet, fits great:ride:

The only good helmet is one that fits. Now having said that, there are some things you need to know.

You mentioned that you have always worn an XL helmet, so I would have to assume that you have rode before. The question is - street bikes or off-road? Reason being, there are more options in the street bike lines than there are in the off-road lines. In street bike helmets I wear an XL in both Shoei and Arai, but an XL in an HJC is way too tight. Unfortunately, an XXL in an HJC is way too loose. So no cheap helmets for me. The Arai line of helmets fit me the best because they offer different "shapes" to fit different heads - not just size. I have not found this to be the case in off-road helmets though, so I had to go to a Shoei to get the fit I was after.

If you go the Shoei route, there are 4 shell sizes of which the XL and the XXL both share the same shell. The difference is in the thickness of the liners. I actually bought an XXL Shoei on closeout and then ordered a replacement liner in the correct XL size. Wound up saving some significant coin as the XL is the more popular size and it was priced accordingly ($179 vs $249).

I tried One, Fox, Answer, and O'Neil helmets and none of them fit. Same issue as you found - couldn't get the base open enough to get my head inside. I do not have that issue with the Shoei helmets. I did find that the HJC helmets fit OK as far as getting them on my noggin, but the liner created pressure points that were uncomfortable.

Best of luck - it's tough to find just the right helmet out there.

I am comfy in an XL HJC or Arai. I currently wear a XXL Thor which fits nice. Never tried on a Shoei. None of that off brand KBC crap will slide over my head, either.

I have been riding for a while now, my most recent helmet an '05 or '06 hjc acx2 broke. So when i can get an xl on it fits, and most xxls i have found were to loose. looks like im going to try to find a place to try on shoei and arai helmets.

Thanks for the input everyone.

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