is it possible to check the valves on a 07 without removing the motor mount?

That thing is a real PITA to remove especially the bottom bolt. I don't think I can get the cover off though without removing the mount.

i tried but never worked ou to good, i just remove the 2 bolts and loosed the other one and sneek it out.i've heard of some people doin it but i wasnt able to for some reason.

ya, some people claim to be able to do it, but I've tried and wasn't able to do it. But with a socket extension and normal wrench's its easy and fast to take off or at least loosen the engine mount brackets to take the cover off. I don't remember it taking more than a couple minutes to take off and put back on every time I've done it.

you can get lucky.. some bikes you can others you can't. no harm in tryng it first.

yeah the first time i did it i had to take off the 2 top bolts first then had to use a open ended wrench to get at the bottom bolt. then the torque wrench wasnt working right since i had to completely tighten the bottom bolt first since it's impossible to tighten it once the middle bolt is in.

i need to shim i checked clearance at 3.5 hrs and one intake was at .003 and now the bike has 5.2 hrs not riding again till I fix it.

I get mine off my 07 with out removing the mounts... There is a trick to doing it and I never remember exactly the right way and fiddle for about 15-20 seconds and it normaly get it off.. It's a lift from the rightride rotate counterclockwise while lifting slightly.. None the less it comes off..

crazy, I've herd of it being done, but I have never been able to use the technique, I'll give it a try next time

yeah dude ive seen my mechanic get mine off without removing the motor mount brace. but he said a few choice words in the process

i have an 06 and i do it all the time you have to turn the valve cover a little once you pull up on it. maybe the 07 is different

it's a major pita.

thats for sure..

you gotta get the cover at just the right angle and it comes right out..

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