1991 DR 650S Shock Interchange?

Hey guys, I'm refreshing a 91 650S that I just bought with 20k miles, jet kit, and two brothers exhaust (it's a rigged piece, that I'm trying to re-engineer to work better). I'm pretty new to the bike, had a 74 DT 125 before this, so it's a huge upgrade! (By the way, the 125 will be for sale soon.) What SE parts will work on the S? My rear shock is pretty soft, the rebound seems to be too little, and I see SE shocks on ebay all the time, will these work? Thanks for any help.


Huh, ok then, guess I'll just take a rule and calipers to the dealership...

Let me know if you come up with any thing on the shock issiue

i recently bought one as well a 91 dr650s

i need to lower mine as im short............

what kinda "rigged" two bros pipe set up is on it?

and or what did you come up w/ to fix the prob???????????

i'm looking to do an exaust on mine as well............:ride:



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