Ranch near Stony hillclimb day!

If heading to Stony from Willows turn right at Elk Creek head N and about 10 miles up the road is the Burrows Ranch. Willows Scramblers had a hill climb day there Sat. Awesome! Dude busted out his long travel, corvette powered buggy and was making it look easy until it stalled mid climb and rolled all the way to the bottom. Fd up the buggy bad, no serious injuries! At the other bigger bowl the bikes were tearing it up. 30 spectators at the top! I saw guys taking a line right to were the crowd was standing. They scrambled for safety as the bikes crested the hill. That is the line I took over and over again. Nothing like it, Im famous! Or at least good at clearing a crowd!

What,no pics?

No I was too busy riding! Not a very good thread with no pics.

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