XT600 Exhaust????????

I just picked up a 1986 XT600 and looking for a couple things

I read back and could not find any valid posts or up to date posts

Are there any exhaust systems out there for this bike

I looked at a few types and did not find anything

Thanks for any help guys and girls


Not a lot available in north america. You can occasionally find a muffer on ebay. I did pick up a good used one cheap by being patient. If you want a new muffler www.kedo.de is a good place, but expensive. XT's are big in europe. If you can get to the pdf catalog you will see that they have a laser muffler for our bikes. For newer xt's there is a lot of choice, older ones, less. www.wemoto.com also has parts. There are a few places in england too that sell stuff for the xt.

I picked up an 84 xt600 over the winter and have been searching for exhaust as well. The only thing i've come across so far is from suppertrapp http://www.supertrapp.com/product_sections/cat.asp?CatID=35. It is a universal fit but it might be better than one that is beat up or crushed. From what little i've read is these bikes weren't really that great to hop up, or at least the costs outweighed the mild benefits. But I know nothing of these bikes fwiw.

Thanks Guys

I did find one---can remember the name of it right now

they sell them on fleebay

I got mine second hand that was in mint condition

It is a little loud and a bit tingl, but better that what I had

In time I am going to re-build everything--restore it---and put a slip in Supertrapp

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