YZ426 Advise

Please let me know your thoughts on a 02 YZ426 the bike is extremely clean low hours and I know all the history. I ride off road only, trails woods etc. I have never rode any yamahas and really only intersted in the 426 because I could pick this one up CHEAP!!! I was planning on a much newer bike but the deal has been laid in my lap.

your thoughts please.


It's a green sticker bike which for trail riding is a big plus here in CA. And it's a Yamaha with rock solid reliability. Yes it's heavy but once you set it up for your weight and start riding it you'll never notice it until it tip over and you have to lift it or push it. I've got a 2001 YZ426 that I use for trail riding and with 13/50 gearing it's ideal for big hills and tight twisty stuff. Depending on how far you ride get a larger tank (about 45-50 on a stock tank). Great trail bike's :applause::cry::)

Just make sure you learn how to crank that bike. It has a sequence that is crucial to getting that bike to run. Once you've mastered it, it is no problem.

BUY IT! i would buy 2 more if i had the money!:applause:

its an awsome bike. i love my 02. by the way how much?

Love mine. Starting isn't as bad as most people say but it does take a little technique. I opted for the 450 CAM swap and also recommend that.

Just buy it, you know you want it...

I've got an 01', so far has been a fantastic bike and I think the 02' is more polished than the 01'. I say get it. The motor is magic, great power from right off idle all the way up. After a couple starts the starting will be cake, people who tell you it's difficult are just silly.

Thanks for the input the price is a familily thing so I will keep that shhhhhhh!

I was looking to go X, WR, EXC but this would work really well for family.

The only thing it will need is a pipe, current is a White Bros E DISK type.


if you can score it cheap then there is no reason not to, its an awesome bike, very reliable, and gobs of power

where in cali are you?

buy it i like my 426 and worry that i wouldnt like a newer bike

Just bought the same bike a couple of months ago. Great bike! You can make it excellent by installing the 12oz Stealy flywheel. The swap is easy and improves nearly every characteristic of the bike.

well, the 02 is the last competition bike year you can ride all seasons...so if you'd like a competition bike over a trail bike, go for it!

the 426 is an excellent trail bike; i just suggest a heavier flywheel

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