How much oil does an 06 YZ450 really take?

The factory manual says 1.0 Liter for oil change with filter change and 0.95 liter for oil change only. I changed out the oil and filter and put 950 mL's in measured using the standard graduated cup for mixing 2 stroke oils and STILL I had oil pucking from the end of the breather tube like crazy. Maybe 50 mL's or more! I have the re-route with the T fitting for a small clear vinyl tube oil catch so I can see how much oil is caught but it would quickly fill up and puke oil. I don't have the breather in the airbox but rather have a peice of old air filter foam quick tied to the end of the tube. Should I just measure the amount of oil I drain to see how much to put back in or does anyone have wisdom to share?

my 06 takes just over a qt or full amsoil container. I would say 1.2. I also run my oil height on the high side. Are you draining both bolts?

1.06 qts. is the correct amount. You have to drain both the oil tank (left side drain plug) AND the sump (right side drain plug). You also have to remove the dipstick when draining the tank.

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