yzf 450 or wr450?

My 05 WR e-start works really good....Your jetting is not right or your valves are a little tight.

Check the jetting specs On Wr forum

I race Desert and Harescrambles and I can tell you that the e-start is a slight advantage but with 2-4 hour races a couple seconds on the start is not worth the hours of trying to skim whoops on a WR:crazy:

My new to me YZ is however much faster in Mid-range throttle, way lighter and easier to throw around....AND the suspension is WAY better.

Every desert race I go to, even the ones where you're on the bike to start with, half the e-start stuff is gone when the first kick start bike leaves.

Buddy of mine has a Husqvarna 450 with e-start and a Rekluse and he gets the holeshot every single time he races. I don't think he even pulls in the clutch...just hits the button with the bike in second gear and off he goes!

Ohh, thanks alot guys :smirk:

I'll have to pull the "blue/white" wire and see what happens.

Ohh, thanks alot guys :smirk:

I'll have to pull the "blue/white" wire and see what happens.

Don't miss the point that there are more than one B/W wires in the harness that do different things.

get the yz i would rather make a yz a woods bike than make a wr a track bike

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