Rider Weight vs Bike Setup?

Just wondering with all the talk about moving rear axles back and dropping forks in triples (to put more weight on the front wheel), if heavier (200+)riders who slide up on the tank have trouble turning the YZ450's?

I mean my 220 moving forward a few inches has got to have a greater effect than an MXA test rider that weighs a buck fifty. Right?

Moving forward when cornering works wonders. Try it. BTW, most of the MXA "Wrecking Crew" are vet aged riders with real world body weights.

So, you're sayin' if they can't make that sucker turn, then.............

you're not fat enough!:)

I only weigh 155 and if I get way up on the tank I feel a big difference...sometimes even a bit of oversteer!

which is why I don't get why some people have trouble with a push :applause:

sometimes I'll get a push...but that's usually only after my scrawny a$$ has been half-rattled off the bike by braking bumps, and I'm hanging off the back fender.

i had my 2000 yz436 out this weekend for the first time at and indoor track... first few laps i pushed cause i didnt get far enough on the tank... once i got up on the tank i was amazed at the bike!!! and i only weight 125lbs... im a scrawny boy and it helps a lot...

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