YZ Cam 06 into an 05 WR??

2003 YZ Cam Part # 5TA-12180-00-00

2004 YZ Cam Part # 5TA-12180-00-00

2005 YZ Cam Part # 5TA-12180-00-00

2006 YZ Cam Part # 5TA-12180-10-00

2005 WR Cam Part # 5TJ-12180-10-00

I am ready to go YZ cammy. Thinking 06 YZ cam into my 05 WR. Its questionable to me. The only reason that I even bring this up is that the TT store only has 04 and 06 cams left. In Looking at the part numbers and the heads I suspect this will not be an issue. Thought that I read that 06 was the fastest YZ year to date in the YZ forums (opinion of course). Maybe not the smoothest but should rip. I think that the 06 should have more R&D and when I last searched around for parts online, in catalogs etc. the model year groupings were like 99-04 and 05-06. Anyone done what I am about to do? I am not too worried but if there is an issue that I have missed feel free to chime in. Thanks.:applause:

Didn't think there would be many...are there any???

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