Have you ever broken a clutch cover

Hi everybody,

I'm wondering how common it is to break a clutch cover. Please let me know if you have ever done this, and how it happened.


I broke one when installing the Rekluse auto-clutch in my XR650R. The Rekluse Auto-clutch uses a very thick gasket to allow the clutch cover to clear the clutch. If you try torquing to factory specs the soft thick gasket causes uneven torquing, which can snap the clutch cover easily. I do not try to reach factory torque even without that gasket. It really wants to stretch the bolts and seems like a recipe for breaking things.

Broke mine last summer,slid out in a sandy corner about 7 miles from camp,rode it back spewing oil. Wound up it had all so broke my outer clutch basket.Got a new basket and cover changed the oil,seem's good no issue's since.Was sweating bullit's riding back,just keapt looking at it and as long as there was oil coming out,I figued I was ok.

I'm replacing mine tonight, put my pig down in some really rocky terrain and punched a hole in the cover with the rear brake lever. Had the same scared ride back, just scared to see oil STOP leaking!

Damn it don't you guys know that's why you always carry bubble gum on the trails! Lol

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