new side casing for older bikes

hello, i have a 01 wr 426, and was wondering if any body has heard of any companies coming out with a new side casing with the oil plug in it like the new 03's. thanks for any info if you have it.

sorry , maybee i was a little excited about finding a site this great and left out some details.

i was thinking along the lines of having a wet sump kit put in my bike and thought it would be nice to have the oil fill plug on the left side of the bike like the newer ones.

thanks for any info chris

Why would you want to do that?? the whole idea of having a dry sump is to maintain good and constant oil pressure, no matter what, i personally love to mono my bike and i know it still has oil pressure, when you drop it and it still runs for a bit, still got oil pressure. :)

ok... thanks blue beast , i never thought to much about the pro's and con's of it just looking at the Lighter side but i appreciate the information :)

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