New 08 YZ450

I just bought my first 4t. I bought a new 08 450F. What is the best oil to run and what oil filter should I use when I change it. oem or aftermarket.


Firstly, welcome to the site. You'll get chased out of here quicker than a quick thing if you're not careful. Here's a helpful tip - use the search engine before firing off a question.

Answers to your questions in summary as follows:

1. Do a search - the oil question has been flogged to death. Go with Yamaha recommendation as to the specification required, thereafter its a personal preference. Many have their own opinions on the matter. MXA stated "...we think that the clutch will last longer with semi-synthetic or mineral oil. The full-synthetic seems to shorten clutch life"

2. Same again for the oil filter. You could go with the OEM one, or choose from a multitude of others (K&N, No Toil, etc.). I personally use a Scott stainless steel one and am very happy with it. I have also used the K&N and Yamaha OEM without a single issue to date.

Hope this helps some.

1, No one's going to run you off, but the simple oil question does seem to touch off a surprising response on occasion. 2, as much as I respect the guys at MXA, the statement regarding synthetics and clutches, if in fact that's what they said, can't be supported by any data I'm aware of. The clutch in my '03 had over 350 hours on it using synthetics and showed no signs of being in less than perfect condition.


Gray, it is exactly what they said - verbatim, hence the quotes. Check out page 114 of the mag (titled "10 Best Mods for the '08 YZ450). Also, note that the words "think" and "seems" suggest an opinion, not a fact. If I recall correctly, there was another mention of this somewhere else (it was in Nov 07 Dirt Rider - here is a link to a discussion on TT)

All that being said, I've run Amsoil full synthetic in my YZ426, Shell full synthetic in my WR450 (good enough for Casey Stoner...) and plan on running same in my YZ450. Working for an oil company and knowing how much we spend on developing these synthetics, I have yet to see evidence supporting this. I'll try to ask some of the guys in the lab for their opinion on the matter.

When you mention mineral oil, is that just non synthetic oil, or something different?

"Mineral" in this case means a natural petroleum product.

If you changed your oil after every ride would syn actually have an advantage over mineral, other than protection if you overheated the motor?

The primary advantages that a true synthetic generally has over petro oils are resistance to heat, and tolerance of acid buildup. The acid buildup issue is not going to come into play with short oil change intervals.

Heat very well might, however, especially in an engine that uses the same oil to protect the engine as flows through the clutch.

A fact not directly related to the syn/petro question is that most of the premium oils with top grade additive packages are synthetic, rather than petroleum based. This bears on things such as viscosity stability.

RJB I have been floating around here a while and just havn't posted. I knew that question of which brand of oil has bean beaten like a dead horse. I had to ask though. Where can I find that 10 best mods for the 08 yx450f article at?

Grayrace thank you so much for those links. I am going to change the oil this week before I ride. Should I change the filter two since it is brand new and has only about 2 min of use on it?

Should I change the filter two since it is brand new and has only about 2 min of use on it?
Shouldn't be needed.

Cool thanx

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