What is the best D.O.T Dual Sport kit and Cost

I am looking for everyones feed back on the Dual Sport kits that they installed or are using and cost. I ride a WR426, 02.


Build your own, save a buttload of money. Depending on what you need, you could do it for less than $100. I got mine from Baja Designs, spent over $400, and it didn't hold up well. A friend built his from scratch for a few bucks and his works as well as mine does. And I've had to repair/replace almost every component in the 2 years I've had it. There are probably companies that make beter stuff but damn, have you seen the prices of some of those kits? Some are over $600.

I know all about the cost it's even more in good old CDN $$$

I just need to know what other people have done or bought.


First you need to know exactly what is required to be street legal in your area.

In michigan we need

1) hi/lo beem headlight

2) tailight/brakelight

3) Dot tires

4) mirror

5) horn

On my YZ400 I used:

1) electrex wr stator/flywheel kit $300

2) electrex voltage regulator $20ish

3) electrex brake pressure switch $20ish

4) Acerbis Blitz headlight $75

5) Ufo ktm underfender tailight housing $25

6) Acerbis mirror $15

7) Radioshack personal alarm $15 honda kill switch $5 makes the horn

I got away without the DOT tires. The cop diddn't catch it. I also dont have a hi/lo beam headlight. Although you could wire the 2 bulbs in the Acerbis with a toggle switch to resemble a hi/lo. A cop will never know the diff. Both bulbs are 35w stock on the acerbis.

I dont have blinkers and I dont have a battery. Some areas require these.

Hope some of this helps.

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