California and Southwest riders!!!!!

I just wanted to start a thread to get the attention for some of these newer Cali guys and anyone else from the Southwest that is interested in our BRP lovers get together in early April. Ive seen prolly 5 from Cali that i dont think know we are even planning this so go to the top of the threads and check the STICKY about the Husky ride. I know for the ones that are going the more the merrier!!! that spelled right??:applause:

Where in Cali is the ride?

What date exactly?

First time hearing about it, in Vegas but might be able to make the trip.

March looks good, not too hot..........More info......

In the sticky thread at the top, all the info is in there. The guys(us) up in NV. are coming down april 3rd thru the 8th. I think most of you cali guys are going out either that fri or sat. The camp site is in that thread too. There are some very good aerial shots that detail the area better.

I'm hoping somebody there who is going can go out and set up some signs that say "TT" or something like that to guide us in.

Should be fun! :applause:

gotta keep this TTT for everyone to see, look at the stickies please and chime in if you havent already. FUN FUN FUN

Sounds good to me. I'm in. Clue me in with all the details. Las Vegas area??? Long ride on the L. Gotta stop every couple of hours to stretch my buttocks:crazy: :applause::)

Hope there's enough gas stations between here and LV. Max I could get on a tank would be maybe 140 miles with the stock tank if I drive conservatively:bonk:

Anyone else in the soCal area(Inland Empire) wanna ride up together let me know ey:thumbsup:

were not riding to vegas that guy was from there so i told him its close enough to come out. We will be about 10 miles north of the 395 and 58 intersection AKA Kramer Junction off in the desert.

Anyone else in the soCal area(Inland Empire) wanna ride up together let me know ey:thumbsup:

What part of the IE are you in?

MoVal here.

Riverside here

Riverside here


Pffft. That's way too far out of the way for me. :smirk:

Where are you at splooge??

Geeze...nevermind...I'm such a dork:bonk: :smirk:

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