edelbrock carb

I have an 01' 426, thinking about an edelbrock carb. I have a few questions: 1) how does it work or not work with the TPS sensor? 2) I read some threads about it not working well unless u ride track or desert racing, ect.. 3) Bad fuel economy? 4) Also if someone who put one on thier bike could share thier experience as a whole on the subject that would help me out. Thanx

Why would you want to get rid of perhaps the best carb you can buy for an inferior design.

True, the Edel is simple, adjustments (some anyway) can be made very easily.

But it has one part covering may throttle ranges. Initial tuning is extremely difficult. You pretty much have to use a wideband, and you need to make a large investment in needles to find the right one, if you ever do.

Stay with the FCR.

A buddy had a 99' (don't remember if it was the 400 or 426?) and couldn't get rid of a bog problem, picked up the Edlebrock and he really loved it. Search here and you'll find more info on it.

That said, what's wrong with the 01' carb that you have? 01 was a great year, no major carb problems. Did something happen to yours?

All I can say is send it to Zip-ty

I replaced my 400 carb with a 426 carb and it started a lot easier. Not sure what is wront with the 400's carb but something is a miss. I have been thinking of the edlebrock one as well but was curious as the benefits.

Before you do anything pm "NCMountainman"....he had one and he can give you the real story on these. I have only heard negatives about them but I have no experience with them.

Zip Ty may not be the choice for these FCRs as they are ancient...They could not really improve the 03 FCR much as it has no leakjet, as I found out myself. They can however wire the Accel pump and rebuild the stocker back to working order....but so can you. :)

I really like my Edelbrock. My bike ran strong before. It pulls harder with the Edelbrock. The Edelbrock is a little wierd to get use to, like tuning and starting because it is not an FCR. Most people do not take the time to learn how how they work and dismiss them as junk because they can't get them to work for them. The FCR is a good carb and I would bounce between the two. But overall performance would be the Edelbrock.

I run an edelbrock on my 01 426 w/ a 13.5:1 piston and love it. Took awhile to get used the the stocker again on another street legal 426 I picked up last year. The edelbrock is soooo much easier to start again after a wreck no matter how long the bike sits sideways. I got the bike pre tuned w/ it already on there but I can imagine an unexperienced tunner or someone w/o a wideband o2 could have some issues for awhile. That wasn't the case w/ mine. 0 flat spots, no bog, just twist and hold on tight =) Pretty decent milage but never had both out running the same trails to compair equally. No significant mpg difference I've noticed though.

Nice w/o a hot start or choke too, just kick it and it starts. Adjust the idle w/ a remote idle adjuster if it's cold out. Simple as that.

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