Exhaust pipe welding


Anyone have any experience with getting their pipe welded? I have a pro circuit platinum that has some small corrosion cracks around the welds for the mounting flanges and I wanted to get them welded or use some JB weld or someting to seal it back up. Any advice? Thanks.

use a 110v wire feed welder.

use a 110v wire feed welder.

And turn it WAY down - the metal is REALLY thin. I know I'd vaporize it the first try.


is the welds on the titanium proper, does it effect the metal to metal if they are disimilar? What metal type to use?

I am not a welder, but asking questions as I have a similar project on the back burner. I have a small 110V wire feed I wanted to use for some custom work, and basically I am a newb welder...so I wanted to learn a little.

Sorry, not trying to hijack.

Get it TIG welded by someone in the business and it should be fine. This is your only option if it's titanium and it should be purged on the inside with argon to prevent embrittlement. Those pretty blue colors on ti welds are rejectable by all welding codes. Where in Alabama are you? If up north I'd do it for free or maybe a trip to Hooters.


umm, a pro-circuit platnium pipe is not titanium

it is chrome plated mild steel, the main issue being the chrome plating...

you will need to grind the thin hard chrome layer off, then weld as normal, honestly my best pipe welding on something that thin i usually use a oxy/fuel torch and just very carefully weld small bits at a time... mig can be too "sudden"

Tig is ideal if you've got the equiptment and someone who knows what to do

once welded , buff the area with a wirewheel, to shine it up, and spray it with some VHT "fireproof Coating" in Clear, and it'll be almost unnoticable as a repair.

Titanium will only weld to other grades of titanium and in some cases certain refractory metals such as Niobium, Columbuim, Tantalum and a few others. Ti can be furnace brazed to dissimilar metals but you need a vacuum furnace or at the least some kind of inert atmosphere as in argon or nitrogen. I do this stuff on a weekly basis honest as I'm not just pulling it out of my you know what. I'm in Huntsville if you want me to weld it. I have a sweet Miller 350 amp TIG setup and a MIG.


should i point out again that a Pro-Circuit PLATINIUM pipe is not titanium ???????

It IS chrome plated thin mild steel....

it CAN be welded with OXY/fuel, mig, tig, or even half assed with a arc welded if you happen to know a handy butcher.....

why does titanium keeps gettign brought up ??

Feel better? Did you ever wonder if someone just wanted some welding info that would take a long time to look up? :applause:


I'm down in Montgomery. Hooters does sound nice though!


Thanks, that's much more info than I hoped for. I don't have any welding capability at all so I'll probably just turn to a local shop. Thanks again bros!

send it to (piperepair.com) they make it new for 50 bucks!! cant beat it!!

i didn't mean it like that, i was worried that the extra irrelevant infomation was going to confuse and freak out an inexperienced welder/metalurgist...

i was just trying to clarify for his needs..... switch this forum over to the CRF forums, and i can see titanium welding being a highly required and discussed topic... not soo much for the two strokes (thankfully)

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