Preprinted number plates

I'm looking to try a couple hare scrambles this year and need to get some numbers on my bike, Black background with White numbers. I could of sworn there was a company in the Motosport catalog that made fully printed backgrounds and numbers in one piece made specifically for your bike. I thought they had these 3 years ago when I bought numbers for my YZ but they aren't in the current catalog. I could always buy sheets an custom cut the backgrounds but I know my artistic ability and it will look like crap. I'd like to find someone that has precut backgrounds for the front plate also because it's smaller due to the headlight.

To your knowlege do any of the race promotoers require you to remove your headlight for the race?

I prefer Decal Works for my preprinted backgrounds...they will have them for pretty much any bike and they have lots of options for design/colors and the quality is very good.

There is no restriction for having a headlight that I am aware least here in Washington.

I use N-Style pre prints. Chcek my garage for pics. There are a lot of companies taht make pre print backgrounds. Are you sure you aren't thinking of Attack graphics in the Rocky Mountain catelogs?

After looking at the Attack graphics those must have been the ones I remember seeing. The Attack's with nothing fancy is a $20 cheaper than the bare bones Decal Works. I'm amazed at how much crap you can put on those number plates!

I have some friends with the ATTACK graphics but I cannot attest to their durability. The De-Cal works stick and stick good :applause: I run a # plate on my WR but De-Cal will make a pre-printed back ground for headlight cowl no problem...

Here's the deal with WR's... that pipe side plate is mother :censored:ing bitch and will require patience and a heat gun has helped me.

Good Luck :)

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