LemonWood Track in Piru Calif. Re-opening

As I undestand it, This track is re-opening in a couple of weeks with a new name. I believe it will be named Piru Moto-cross something or other. Hell, they told me and I can't remember! :) But whatever at least they are re-opening..


Do you know,or have a date when Lemon Grove will be reopening?

It is good to hear of anyplace reopening, just as I read the other day saddle back may be closing again. somthing to do with not having the proper permits and wanting to add water storage to the resivore that is there. P.S check your P.M. see ya!

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Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooo

I'll be using the old Lemon grove track to train!!!!!!! Sweetness!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh darn, I just thought of something, I'll probably have to get another bike for the track. The ole blue derert mo-sheen might be like a bull in a china shop!! I might have more fun on a YZF250!!!!!!!!

See you out there!!!!

DL :)

The new name will be PIRU MOTO-CROSS PARK...(PMP) I think... I hear they have a website.. God I hope I'm not wrong!! A bunch of P/O guy's on blue mules will show up at my house with torches!!


Where EXACTLY do you live.

just in case

Originally posted by Bezore:

Where EXACTLY do you live.

just in case

My brother's,, I live just a Corona's throw from there :)


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