WR vapor lock

02WR426 I went riding today (temp was 85) and my bike acted as if it had ran out of gas. I went to reserve and started the bike up and took off. A few miles later it happened again and this time I took the gas cap off to check the level. Gas pressure was so great that the gas sprayed out all over the place. After it settled down I still had half a tank. Again the bike started back up and ran fine. I checked the check valve for vapor and it was working. Fumes were coming out like a Propane grill. The only thing I could come up with is vapor lock! If anybody has any suggestions it would help. Thanks

Remove the check valve in your gas tank vent line. The check valve only allows flow INTO the tank, as your fuel level goes down.

If you are running aerated fuel, the temp goes up, your (aftermarket) fuel tank is being heated up by your (aftermarket) exhaust or you change elevations, your tank WILL become pressurized. This will hose up your carb very badly.

REMOVE the check valve from your tank vent and route the hose as normal. Your problem is now gone!!

This post came up ~3 years ago.

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Hey Steve you are not alone! It happened to me the other day at Perry Reclaimation. I replaced the check valve with a longer hose and things were better. On the next ride I used gas from Meijer since it claims to have no ethenol and did not have the high vapor pressure issue. Where and how often do you ride? I live in Westerville and get out about twice a week to either a track or the woods.

Finally a few more guys from Columbus on this site. Let's go riding sometime. Do you know of any close local areas to ride after work? I know of one off of Sawmill Road that is decent for what it is (free and close to home)

I'm in Powell, usually ride Wayne, Honda Hills, yearly trip to PA. Perry always rusts my bikes, so I don't go there anymore :D:)

Mike Carpenter

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