rmz 250 stator questions????

hi my freaind has the same bike as me rmz 250 2004 an he keeps having problems blowing the engine all the time. like evry 1-2 hrs after its bin rebuilt. the mechanic working on the bike is saying the last mechanic who put the bike back together has bent a coil or something on the stator.

he,s saying this is causing the engine to try an work harder an straining the engine .. is this possible???

my question is whot does the stator actually do in the engine?wot is its purpose? i herd its something to do with the ignition.??? does it effect the rev limiter ??? any advice appreciated... :applause:

First off the stator is what makes the power on the biketo power the CDI box and ignition. How is the engine blowing up. Crank or piston. What kin of damage is being down in the engine. I am a technician in the powersport business and have never heard ofa stator causing an engine to fail. give us a little more info.

the first time he had it rebuilt it stopped working on him an the mech said he must of tightend the cam cainto much( wich is hard to do cause of the tensioner bolt. i think the mech is liying) and their was oil pouring out of the over flow hose. .the second time he had either bent or snapped a valve which scraped the head an he had to get it polished out. then this time he says that its imposiible to kick one minute then if u push the bike forward it like unseizes its self. the mech thought the crank had bin pressed to hard but hes inspected it an says its fine. sorry abt the limited info as its not my bike jus tryin to help a freind out. he also says theirs no power in the bike like it reaches the rev limit way to early an ends up over reving. any advice ????? thanks for the reply

First off I have the same bike as you guys. 04 RMZ250. 1. The tech is lieing about the tensioner it isa spring loaded tension. The bolt just puts the tension on the spring. Oil comingout ofthe overflow tube can be one of two things. It was either over full of oil or excessive blow by the rings. Next I have seen alot of valve issues on 04-06 RMZ250's and Kx250F's. I upgraded my valves to knibblewhite stainless steal and excelledyne ampco45 seats. Should also inspec the cam buckets. As for the last failure I would start with the top end as that is where most of the problems are. Check valve clearance, remover the cam chain and check to see if the cams turn freely. After that I would remove the Head and check the piston cylinder for damage from a broken piston or dirt. After that remove the clutch and flywheel covers to see if you can see any loose or damaged parts. And next I would possible split the case to do the final inspection of the crank and transmission parts. But to me it sounds like a crank bearing might of seized. If you would like to discuss this in more detail G-performance@hotmail.com

ok ill pass the info onto him an let u no how he gets on with the bike. i dnt seem to have as much trouble with mine.just snapped a vavle a while back an had to buy a new head (twat) . thanks ffor the replys g117 its should help him out quit a bit....

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