my 426 on the pavement...

fun weekend at Horse Thief Mile. fast track, lots of elevation changes....:applause:

i finished 3rd in my class.










Awesome pics. Supermoto looks like so much fun, I'd love to try it sometime.

Looks like a blast. Sure wish I had a track like that around here.

How was it up against all the 450s?

They may be 6-8 years old with 'obsolete' technology like steel frames, but from the looks of it the 426 can still hang. :applause:

in a drag race with a YZ450 LE on the straights with a two bros pipe silencer and a powerbomb, i pulled on it. im stock with a WB slip-on. but the other guy weighed a lil more. so who knows.

its competitive.....but i think its 90% rider anyways.

Well Honestly Was At a Track Day at TMS against a guy on a YZ426 with me on my VFR800 and He would just leave me in the turns. I would catch him on the straights though but couldn't get by him because he could break later than me.. I orginally bought mine to supermoto with but Dang Parts is High!!!!!!

What kind of graphics do you have?

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