good 14T sprocket that won't damage a countershaft?

Who makes a good 14T front sprocket for the 650L that won't eventually damage the countershaft? Do most prefer steel or aluminum?

I have had a JT steel sprocket on my bike for 4 years. so far, so good :applause:

I bought a used L to find the sprocket falling off .

I found the keeper not correctly installed ,it must offset the theeth.

Killed the shaft end.

I tacked a bump of weld to the shaft ,sprocket wont come off until I grind off the bump.

Be carefull not to weld sprocket it should be free .

good luck

For the last 3 years I have been running the Rocky Mountain Primary Drive house brand. For the price I was skeptical, but I was surprised at the machining. It fits at least as well as the OEM 650L 15 tooth sprocket that I use for more wide open riding.

The only brand that I don't like is PBI. I've used OEM, PBI, Renthal, JT and Sunstar over the years on several XR's and XL's.

If you want a Honda sprocket, get a 91 thru 2000 XR600R countershaft sprocket. Nothing wrong with them other than the inflated price.

have a rear primary drive and i think the CS would be pretty good, also JT like said before.

Only one I know to steer clear of is PBI.


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