Boil over

I know this point has been on time and time again but how and what is the most inexpencive way to stop the BRP from puking out coolant. :D :D :):D

I cured my boil over problem by opening up the intake and exhaust. My experience was that by opening up the exhaust, the heat of the engine was not bottled up in the pipe and header and the better exhaust flow helped keep the bike cool.

I did what most people do to the BRP.

1) pull out the ruber snorkle and block off plate in the air box.

2) carve out the restriction in the intake manafold or buy the HRC part (I carved mine with an exacto knife)

3) Open up the exhaust with eiter the HRC tip, or take a 2" whole saw to the stock tip. (I poped for the HRC tip)

4) Rejet for mods and your altitude. (175 main, and 68S pilot most popular for sea level, from what I have seen) I have a 155 main and the stock 65 pilot for the 7K to 11K foot mountain riding I do in Colorado.

Total Cost 1) Free, 2) Free (HRC manafold is $20 to $30 range) 3) 2" whole saw if you do not have one $10 (HRC tip is $110 to $150 range) 4) Jets $10 ($5 each on the high side)

So if you have a 2" whole saw, opening up the bike will cost you the price of a couple of jets, which helps the cooling problem and gives more power with some extra noise.

Other remidies is a higher pressure radiator cap and high temp coolant.

Thanks that helps alot.

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