Oil filter for 2008 YZ450f

Did a search but to no avail, unless I missed it. What is the correct oil filter for the 08 yz450f, can the HF141 or HF142 be used. I went to the HF website and searched for the oil filter, but said that it was not available. What are you guys using. Just purchased an 08, last week, bike is running great. I would like to use the paper element instead of the stainless steel. Thanks for your help guys.

The same filter fits the '08 as does the earlier models.

Grayracer513 thanks for the info, I thought yamaha was going to have a new oil filter, since I couldn't find one from the Hi Flow filtro comapny. Thanks for your help.

After you break it in and at the 1st or 2nd oil change, Stainless is the better way to go period, than paper. All for the price of 6-8 paper filters and much better flow characteristics:thumbsup:

Ga426owner, I will keep that in mind, not to start a debate, but doesn't paper element filter to a lower micron than stainless steel, or am I wrong in my info. Chances are I will go stainless, using the scott's, but I thought paper would filter to a smaller micron than stainless? I can see where the money savings come into play. Thanks. Another question will filters from a 426 fit on the 450"s '03-'08.

The same filter fits the '08 as does the earlier models.

Gray, Yamaha has changed the part number for the filter. It was a 5ta-13440-00-00...it is now 5d3-13440-00-00...same filter....different number...and they now come in a red box instead of blue.

Grayracer513, you strike again, thanks for the info

The same filters will work from a 1998 - up

I still have some of those brass 400/426filters

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