A very sad day, I need to sell my 06:(

Could you guys help me figure a starting price for my bike. Its and 06 Se and I have added the following parts. White Bros. wheel set, full ti dr. d pipe, zip ty carb mod, ASV pro pack lever set, and I think thats about it. The bike is in pristine condition. It has only been trail ridden a handful of times. It hasnt even been dropped.

Would it be best for me to pull off the added parts and sell the bike stock?

Any help would be helpful.














Thats sharp. I wish I was closer to California, because I would definitely be interested.

i cant even get 4k for my 06, but yours is cleaner.... i think im about to part mine out. Sucks.

Leaving the parts on will make it sell faster, but won't add that much to the price. I would suggest selling it with the stock wheel set if you have it, then selling the WB wheels separately. I'd guess $4K is the most you'll get.

I'd guess $4K is the most you'll get.

I'd say thats a good price. I've been looking at them for awhile on ebay and an 06 model typically goes for $3500-4000.

didnt you just get that ti pipe? if you decide to part the parts off let me know.. might be interested in picking a few things up... why you selling?

wow bikes are cheap in cali, up here in ontario 06's are like 5k and up... heck i got my 03 yz250 for $3500

Like others have stated start at 4k and return the bike to stock as much as possible and sell the parts separately. I sold my '06 back in November and I think in the month or two period I was trying to sell it I had one serious potential buyer and that was after I dropped the price a couple hundred dollars. Four strokes are hard to sell because people don't know what they are getting and could be a potential money pit, not in your case obviously.

I think that TI Dubach exhaust would sell quick for the right price...old buddy old pal..;-)

Good luck selling the bike...it's awesome looking!

Damn shame you have to sell. A real shame I'm not close to Cali, or I would have bought it today. That is a great looking bike, in excellent condition and certainly has very low hours on it. If you have any interest in selling off the wheels separately, give me a shout and let me know how much you want. Hopefull someone will jump at the offer and snap it up quick.

If you decide to part it out let me know; that pipe and those levers look awful good.


Wow! That is a very clean bike and your shop/garage area says a lot about how you take care of your stuff. I think it is so clean that it will sell with most of the stock items put back on and see how much you can get for the exhaust system and wheels.

As someone said before it can be tough selling a 2+ year old four-stroke. I saw many that looked nice on Craig's List and eBay, but in the end I didn't want to take the chance as a first time four-stroke owner and I went to the dealer and got a nice deal on a 2008 YZ450F. Good luck!


Put it back to stock to sell.

Sell after mkt here or ebay.

pm me with price on pipe and wheels plz. :applause:

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