Turned RED today

I just traded my DRZ for a 6 month old XR650R today. My main reasons were highway power, and parts prices (Suzuki F-ing rips us off on parts) and parts/dealer availability.

It was the last straw when Suzuki wanted over 100.00 CAN for a chain slider, and Honda wanted 20.00 CAN for the same part on the 650. I'm tired of taking it up you know where just to ride a DRZ.

So far, I really like the 650R. I will update after my big trail ride tomorrow!


Welcome to the wonerful world of the BRP!!! From the pic and the list of things on the bike or on order it looks like a sweet ride!

The next thing I would do to the bike (other than ride the crap out of it) is check out Race Tech's web site and use their application to see if the suspension spring rates are in the ball park for you. I tip the scales at 230 without gear so I swaped springs with heavier ones from the Race Tech numbers and it was the BEST single improvement I have made to the bike. The suspension is actually plusher and it takes a BIG hit to bottom things out.

Happy Trails!!!

If you are doing a lot of highway miles ,you might consider

uping the gearing by puting a 15 tooth front sprocket on.

This increases top speed to around 105mph, and decreases

revs by 7%. I have found this still works fine off-road#]

for me.

cheers, Craig


Your gonna love that bike.

One of my riding buds has the same bike.

He waxes me on the dirt roads and I kill him in the tight trails.

I really like riding his bike and have considered buying a late model used one to build a SuperMoto out of.

Enjoy your new ride.

Nice bike, :) when you going to let me ride it. :D

This this absolutely RIPS!!! Makes ANY 400 class bike seem weak. I love the handling, really stable, doesn't feel any heavier than my DRZ, other than the steering, but you get used to that, anyway. It is definately more stable and holds a line better at any speed over my DRZ. Wish I had done this last year, didn't know what I was missing. Can't wait for the Baja Designs kit to arrive so I can catwalk I mean ride it to work!

I have a 600 and a 400. I'm sure you'll love your 650. Hey Husky rider, I'm a former expert mountain bike racer, I throw my 400 around like a muontain bike , but there is ONE guy I know who can keep up on the tight trails, his name is Eric B. and he's a big 260 lb, no fear guy. Unfortunatly, his stamina is lacking, thats the only reason I eventually pull away. Have fun.


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