if i buy a powerbomb for my yz450f

:applause: is there anything i need to do besides put it on

You'll probably want to ride when you're done, yes.


:) is there anything i need to do besides put it on

Don't forget to use some abusive language to help fit it, preferably loud enough to make your dogs go and hide.:applause:

You may want to replace the crush spacer inside the exhaust port where the header mounts. If you reuse the old one you may end up with an exhaust leak. I have successfully reused old ones before, but sometimes they do leak, so I just replace them every time I pull the header off.

ya know, you can go to motosport and get a carbon pro, or aluminum pro for about 300 and 200 bucks more respectively

Then he wouldn't have a Power Bomb, though, would he?

just put the thing on! my brother did it with a stock exhaust with no problem. Just inspect the crush washer!

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